PT. FORTUNA SADA NIOGA - Spirit of Services
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Mutation / Change Of



  • Application for change of address; (company stamp)/ (stamped if family sponsor
  • Sponsor's ID card (photocopy);
  • Guarantee Statement from Sponsor (stamp and company seal);
  • Domicile certificate from the apartment if the foreigner lives in the apartment;
  • Stamped Power of Attorney (if authorized)
  • Foreign passport (original and copy)
  • Authorized ID card (copy)
  • KITAS Online (copy)
  • For foreign workers, attach IMTA (copy)

Change Of Passport


  • Application for Change of Passport; (company stamp)/ (stamped if family sponsor)
  • Sponsor's ID card (photocopy);
  • Stamped Power of Attorney (if authorized);
  • KTP authorized (copy);
  • Old and new foreign passports (original and copy)
  • Online KITAS (copy);
  • For foreign workers, attach IMTA (copy)
  • For the sponsor's Wife/Husband, attach a Marriage Book, Sponsor's KTP, and Sponsor's Family Card (copy);
  • If the new passport page has been used PLEASE attach a Declaration of Negligence in the processing of passport mutations.

Change of Position


  • Application letter from sponsor;
  • Statement and guarantee from sponsor (stamped Rp. 6000,-)
  • Sponsor's ID card;
  • Transfer of position application form;
  • Original and photocopy of passport;
  • Certificate of domicile from the kelurahan;
  • Original and photocopy of KITAP;
  • For foreign workers, attach the latest IMTA and RPTKA, FY 03 and other company documents;
  • For Foreign Investors (PMA) attach a Business Identification Number (NIB), Business Permit, Company Registration Certificate, Business Domicile Certificate, Notary Deed, Principle Licensing, Company TIN and Recommendation from the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) as well as other company documents ;

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